Singapore Casino Development Updates

Las Vegas is traditionally the gambling capital of the world, but these days the face of the casino industry is changing.

“Slot machines are no longer a novelty, and blackjack isn’t a novelty anymore. People aren’t going to fly 2,000 miles just to play nickel slots. What they will do though is they will fly 2,000 miles to have a great experience,” says Dr David Schwartz at the Center for Gaming Research, University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

Well this is a great comment and so true as this is what Macau and Singapore will be all about! I am sure that this what Las Vegas Sands has in mind, send US travelers on package tours to visit their Macau and Singapore Integrated Resorts on the one trip.

For the Singapore Casino Sentosa development watchers find below a link that has all the latest news and videos about the three presentations.

Dr Stanley Ho Wants A Sydney Casino

casino mogul has become one of the biggest donors behind Australia’s Labor Party, sparking talk of a new casino for Sydney.

Ho has donated $109,000 to the ALP which contests the NSW state election next month.

$48,000 of Ho’s backing is to pay for the casino chief to have lunch with NSW Premier Morris Iemma.

Ho is the biggest player in the casino business globally, owning sixteen of ’s 24 casinos. Until the industry was deregulated in 1999 following China’s takeover of the former-Portuguese province, Ho owned all the casinos in .

hosted 22 million visitors last year, just shy of Hong Kong’s 24 million. also surpassed Las Vegas in gaming revenues in 2006 to become the casino capital of the world.

Ho’s interest in Sydney is possibly fermented by his partnership with Sydney-based James Packer whose company Publishing and Broadcasting is involved in two casino developments with the Ho family in , including the Crown due to open later this year.

Packer’s company owns and operates the only casinos in Melbourne and Perth, and has long coveted a casino license in Sydney.

Star City Casino in Sydney was given exclusivety for 12 years when it opened in 1995. That exclusivety runs out in six months time.

Aside from two floors of gaming tables, Star City houses 1,500 poker machines.

The Iemma government has not ruled out a second casino for Sydney but is unlikely to canvas the issue until after the election, and only then if it retains office.

It was a Labor government led by former Premier Neville Wran that awarded the original license in December 1994 to a consortium headed by Las Vegas’s Showboat, and the Sydney-based Leighton Properties. The Packer group was an unsuccessful bidder and appealed the decision.

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A Casino And Hotel Aimed At High Brow Tourists It Could Work Says Sjm

June 20, 2006 | | After many profitable years spent chasing casino dollars from Chinese gamblers, 's Sociedade de Jogos de (SJM) is turning its sights on luring in European visitors attracted to by its culture.


To try and make it work, SJM is building a casino as near as it can to the historic centre of the city without actually incurring the wrath of UNESCO, the United Nations body that last year added the old town to its list of World Heritage sites. The scheme, on the edge of the Inner Harbour, a slightly run down part of the city, is to be   called Ponte 16.

To create the right offer, SJM is teaming up with the French hotel group Accor, to build a five star property under the Sofitel brand, which has instant recognition in the European market. The hotel and its accompanying casino will look a lot more genteel and sober than their flashy neon cousins in down town and . How many European culture hounds will come to to see Senado Square and the ruins of the Cathedral of St Paul, then be willing to spend the evening in a casino remains to be seen.

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