Hong Kong actress Josie Ho is no princess. No wonder she’s No. 8 on a Forbes list of 20 most intriguing billionaire heiresses. She is the only Chinese woman on the list comprising mostly Americans.

Don’t get the idea she is a boring princess. In fact, she calls herself the “little black sheep” of her family. She is a rebel with an ultra-rich dad and an indie music rocker who revels in playing prostitute roles.

Ho has appeared in such award-winning films as Butterfly, Purple Storm and Twin Effects. Her most recent film, Exiled, which had Canadian/Hong Kong director Johnny To at the helm, is the Hong Kong submission for the Oscar race this year for best foreign film. A rock star, she is preparing to release her latest album in China next year.

Her proud dad, tycoon , has an estimated worth of $7 billion US. He admits Josie’s chosen path hasn’t always been easy for him, but he says she is trying her best and hopes she will succeed.

As for Josie, she was quoted recently in the Chinese media as saying, “Having a rich father didn’t give me benefits . . . Everyone assumes I’m just doing it for fun. No one believes I’m serious.”

Josie just lo-o-o-ves playing prostitutes. “I think it’s really controversial compared to my own background. It just makes me learn so much about a different class of people and what they do. It’s just a totally different realm,” explained the 33-year-old.

By the way, Ooi makes a point of saying that only truly deserving heiresses who have achieved in business, sports or the arts make the list. In other words, no Paris Hiltons here.