Amazingly another record was broken with over 1.25 million people traveling through Macau’s check points during the three days start of the Golden Week holiday.

Macau’s immigration authorities recorded 641,005 arrivals and 611,739 departures, and a majority of those travels were made across the Gongbei-Macau border.

An estimated 484,514 traveled across the Gongbei border into Macau, and 463,285 crossed Macau into Gongbei. The Macau ferry terminal was the second busiest immigration area, with 115,622 arrivals and 111,501 departures. The Lotus Bridge welcomed 15,828 arrivals while the inner harbor received 10,139 arrivals.

The Macau International Airport recorded 14,247 arrivals and 18,216 departures.

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