registered a record high of 26,992,995 visitor arrivals in 2007, up by 23% over 2006; visitors from Mainland China and Hong Kong accounted for 55% and 30% of the total respectively. Mainland visitors travelled to under the Individual Visit Scheme totalled 7,165,203, up by 24%. Visitor arrivals in package tours rose notably by 45% to 4,233,714.

In 2007, the number of residents travelled in package tours dropped by 22% over 2006 to 212,107 and those travelled under individual arrangements using services provided by travel agencies increased by 4% to 386,927.

The opening of 3 new hotels in 2007 increased the availability of guest rooms by 24% to 16,148. While the number of hotel guests jumped by 23% year-on-year to 5,739,734, the average hotel occupancy rate rose by 5.0 percentage points to 77.2%. The average length of stay of hotel guests was 1.36 nights, an increase of 0.15 night compared with 2006.

Per-capita spending of visitors was US$204 in 2007, up by 2% over 2006, of which Mainland visitors had the highest per-capita spending of US$308.

Per-capita non-shopping spending (excluding gaming expenses) of visitors amounted to US$118, up by 10% over 2006, with that of the Mainland visitors leading at US$144. Expenses on accommodation and food & beverage took up 42% and 38% respectively of the per-capita non-shopping spending.

Per-capita shopping spending of visitors posted a 7% decrease over 2006 to US$86, with that of Mainland visitors leading at US$241. Spending on local food products (29% of the total shopping spending), clothing (16%) and jewellery/watches (16%) took the largest shares.

Per-diem spending of visitors went down by 2% over 2006 to US$182; visitors from Mainland China had the highest per-diem spending of US$300. The average length of stay (1.1 days) of visitors was the same as 2006; the respective average for tourists and same-day visitors was 1.6 days and 0.2 day.