Sands Macau Are Firing

Las Vegas Sands has surely been in the news lately. First of all was their announcement of a huge 3rd Quarter profit for Sands . This was than followed by the news that former Venetian CEO Frank McFadden has joined ’s STDM | SJM casino group. Dr is basically doing what the foreign casino owners have been doing and that is hiring top Chinese casino experts, SJM is doing the opposite and is hiring Western experts.

Frank McFadden will join SJM as president of joint ventures and business development, and ‘apart from providing support to casino operations, Mr. McFadden will also be responsible for the development of new projects,” SJM said.

In a another development, there has been reports and rumours that last weekend Sands fired around 300 croupiers and dealers. They reportedly said that their attidude and performances were below par and they were being replaced by 200 Malaysian workers. What is interesting that the import of casino croupiers is not allowed in , so like to know how they got around that!

Sands employs around 4,000 dealers who work around the clock and are expected to follow the high standards have been set by their Western employers. What the local Macaunese workforce thinks about this remains to be seen, although Sands have said that they will continue to employ local staff.

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Pansy Ho You Are So Right

An excellent article by one of Australia’s top journalists Glenda Korporaal from , who recently interviewed Pansy Ho. I think Pansy is spot on, Macau’s casino market will become saturated as 40-50 casinos will be just too many. The fact remains that 95% are Chinese gamblers and some 35,000 mainland Chinese visit on daily border trips.

So they will have to find other ways to attract the punters and get them to stay longer, so they will need to create interesting activities to keep them coming. Mind you they are already trying with ventures such as , Elvis Presly Shows, Playboy Club, Planet Hollywood, but what about some popular Chinese concepts. Let’s face Hong Kong’s Disneyland is not faring all that well!

Full article here | THE heir apparent to ’s vast corporate empire in Macau, Pansy Ho, has suggested that James Packer’s PBL and his Hong Kong partner Melco should differentiate their product rather than try to attract Chinese gamblers generally.

PBL/Melco and other new entrants to the increasingly competitive Macau casino market ought to cater to provincial differences among their Chinese customers, she said yesterday.

Ms Ho is managing director of her father’s company, Shun Tak Holdings, which operates many Macau-related businesses. She also holds one of six Macau casino licences in her own right.

Speaking in Macau, Ms Ho, an older sister of Mr Packer’s Hong Kong partner , said PBL/Melco’s planned and casinos and other new entrants to the Macau casino market were yet to outline their strategy for attracting additional gambling business to the city.

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Macau Gaming Revenue Keeps On Rising

Daily News reported the latest gaming revenue figures which are continuing to rise and are on target for a 17% for the full year. So based on those figures as we earlier reported SJM income is increasing. I still do believe that SJM still occupies about 65% of ’s market.  

Revenues in ’s gaming sector for September stood at MOP 4.4 billion, a year-on-year increase of 15.7%, according to figures.

Read full report here by | Meanwhile, according to estimations made by Daily News based on the proportions of revenues, SJM occupies about 55 to 58% of ’s market, Sands at 20%, Galaxy at 15% and Wynn about 7 to 8%.

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A Casino And Hotel Aimed At High Brow Tourists It Could Work Says Sjm

June 20, 2006 | | After many profitable years spent chasing casino dollars from Chinese gamblers, 's Sociedade de Jogos de (SJM) is turning its sights on luring in European visitors attracted to by its culture.


To try and make it work, SJM is building a casino as near as it can to the historic centre of the city without actually incurring the wrath of UNESCO, the United Nations body that last year added the old town to its list of World Heritage sites. The scheme, on the edge of the Inner Harbour, a slightly run down part of the city, is to be   called Ponte 16.

To create the right offer, SJM is teaming up with the French hotel group Accor, to build a five star property under the Sofitel brand, which has instant recognition in the European market. The hotel and its accompanying casino will look a lot more genteel and sober than their flashy neon cousins in down town and . How many European culture hounds will come to to see Senado Square and the ruins of the Cathedral of St Paul, then be willing to spend the evening in a casino remains to be seen.

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